Scrum Checklists

Scrum Checklists

The SPRiNT-iT coaches, including Scrum Trainer Boris Gloger, have abstracted the basics from the major Scrum books and added their collective experience to produce the Scrum Checklists mini-book. This compact collection of checks and actions will enable team members to facilitate all Scrum Meetings and create the Scrum artifacts.

Scrum is a framework with simple rules. Scrum Checklists will help you to remember these simple rules in the heat of daily work and stress. Scrum Checklists enable you to create an enjoyable and productive work environment with your Scrum-Team.

Now Scrum is enterprise ready! Use Scrum also for your multi-team, multi-location and multi-project environments. In this booklet you will find all necessary Checklists for scaled Scrum meetings, roles and artefacts to run Scrum in a LARGE scale effective and successful.


  • General meeting rules
  • Estimation Meeting
  • Sprint Planning – Part I and II
  • Daily Scrum
  • Taskboard, Flow, Charts, Roles and Artefacts
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • Large Scale Scrum rules
  • Scaled Sprint Planning I and II
  • Product Owner Daily Scrum
  • Scrum of Scrums

Book Details

Author(s): Boris Gloger
Format(s): PDF
File size: 6.47 MB
Number of pages: 17
Link: Download.

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