The Daemon, the Gnu, and the Penguin

Free online book: The Daemon, the Gnu, and the Penguin

Free online book “The Daemon, the Gnu, and the Penguin” by Peter H. Salus. In addition to covering a history of free and open source, The Daemon, the Gnu, and the Penguin explores how free and open software is changing the world. It is authored by Peter H. Salus, a noted UNIX, open source, and Internet historian and author of A Quarter Century of UNIX and Casting The Net and other books.


Salus has interviewed well over a hundred key figures to document the history and background of free and open source software. In his book, Salus reaches back into the early days of computing, showing that even in “pre-UNIX” days there was freely available software, and rapidly moves forward to the Free Software movement of today and what it means for the future, drawing analogies and linkages from various aspects of economics and life.

Table of Contents

  • Ancient History
  • UNIX
  • The Users
  • A Tale of Two Editors
  • 979
  • BSD and the CSRG
  • “Free as in Freedom”
  • SUN and gcc
  • OSF and UNIX International
  • GNU, the GPL and Cygnus
  • USL v The Regents of the University of California
  • BTL after UNIX: Plan 9 and Inferno
  • Commercial UNIXes to BSDI
  • The Hurd and BSDI
  • The Web
  • “Just for Fun”
  • Tanenbaum and Torvalds
  • Proliferating Penguins – Part 1
  • Daemonology
  • Yet More Penguins
  • Oceans of FUD
  • The Documents of Freedom
  • The URL on Your Cereal Box

Book Details

Author(s): Peter H. Salus
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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