Free Java Book

A “Free Java book” by Daniel L. Schuster in pdf format. It uses the ACM Java Library to provide beginner level access to console and graphics operations and standard Java for everything else. And it immerses the students immediately in graphics & animation so that you get to beginning arcade games (Pong, etc.) by the 6th week. Teaches traditional CS1 topics almost entirely in this problem domain.


Benefits of the Free Java Book Approach: Real Java programming, all the time, natural progression to objects, minimal knowledge of specialized techniques, flexible problem domain and infinite number of varying assignments, increased student motivation and interest, opportunities for visual creativity, often students will go well beyond the minimal requirements of an assignment, CS1 has become a draw to the major instead of just a gatekeeper.

Table of Contents

  • Fundamentals
  • ACM Java Graphics
  • Making Decisions
  • Loops
  • Methods & Objects I
  • Game Programming I
  • Useful Java Objects
  • Methods II
  • Arrays & ArrayLists
  • Objects II
  • Game Programming II
  • Arrays II
  • Quick Reference
  • Setting Up Your Computer

Book Details

Author(s): Daniel L. Schuster
Format(s): PDF
Link: Currently not available.

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