Free eBook: REST

Download free eBook on “REpresentational State Transfer, or REST” from InfoQ. This is the first edition of what is expected to become a recurring series on InfoQ.


The idea behind this minibook is that a number of InfoQ articles and interviews which deal with a particular topic (in this case, REpresentational State Transfer, or REST) are combined together to provide a detailed exploration suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Table of Contents

  • A Brief Introduction to REST
  • Resource-Oriented Architecture: The Rest of REST
  • RESTful HTTP in practice
  • How to GET a Cup of Coffee
  • Addressing Doubts about REST
  • REST Anti-Patterns
  • Ian Robinson discusses REST, WS-* and Implementing an SOA
  • Jim Webber on “Guerilla SOA”
  • Ian Robinson and Jim Webber on Web-based Integration
  • Mark Little on Transactions, Web Services and REST
  • CORBA Guru Steve Vinoski on REST, Web Services, and Erlang

Book Details

Author(s): Ryan Slobojan, Floyd Marinescu, Kevin Huo, Liu Shen
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.35 MB
Number of pages: 127
Link: Download.

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