A Guide To Open Content Licences

A Guide To Open Content Licences

Free eBook “Guide to Open Content Licenses” by Lawrence Liang. This booklet serves as an introduction to the world of ‘open content licensing’, a paradigm that is rapidly emerging as an important alternative to the existing model of copyright.


In recent years copyright has moved away from being an esoteric and technical legal subject to one that affects musicians, designers, artists, students, authors, ordinary consumers, and more generally any one involved in any way in cultural production. Copyright stories assault us everyday in our newspapers, our emails and in the next few years, will play a very important role in determining the way we think of creativity; either in terms of exlusive property or in terms of collaboration. It is an issue in which content creators have a vital stake and certainly too important an issue to leave to the lawyers alone.

Table of Contents

  • The Black and White (and Grey) of Copyright
  • Copyleft Contextualised
  • General Characteristics of Open Content Licenses
  • Mapping Out the Domain of Open Content Licenses
  • A Comparative Guide to Key Open Content Licenses

Book Details

Author(s): Lawrence Liang
Format(s): PDF
File size: 376 KB
Number of pages: 112
Link: Download.

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