Using Perl 6

Using Perl 6

“Using Perl 6” is a work-in-progress. Perl 6 is versatile, intuitive, and flexible. It embraces several paradigms like procedural, object oriented, and functional programming, and offers powerful tools for parsing text. Perl 6 is the newest member of the family of languages known as Perl. It represents a major break in syntactic and semantic compatibility from Perl 5, thus the increase from 5 to 6.


This book is primarily for people who want to learn Perl 6. It is a series of tutorials, not a comprehensive reference. We expect some experience in another programming language, though no prior knowledge of Perl is necessary. After working through this book, you should have a solid grasp of the basics of Perl 6 sufficient to solve your own problems with Perl 6.

Table of Contents

  • The Basics
  • Operators
  • Subroutines and Signatures
  • Classes and Objects
  • Multis
  • Roles
  • Subtypes
  • Pattern matching
  • Grammars
  • Built-in types, operators and methods

Book Details

Author(s): Jonathan S. Duff, Moritz Lenz, Carl Mäsak, Patrick R. Michaud, Jonathan Worthington.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 465 KB
Number of pages: 135
Link: Download.

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