Systems Structure and Control

Systems Structure and Control

The title of the book System, Structure and Control encompasses broad field of theory and applications of many different control approaches applied on different classes of dynamic systems.

Output and state feedback control include among others robust control, optimal control or intelligent control methods such as fuzzy or neural network approach, dynamic systems are e.g. linear or nonlinear with or without time delay, fixed or uncertain, onedimensional or multidimensional. The applications cover all branches of human activities including any kind of industry, economics, biology, social sciences etc.


  • Control Designs for Linear Systems Using State-Derivative Feedback
  • Asymptotic Stability Analysis of Linear Time- Delay Systems: Delay Dependent Approach
  • Differential Neural Networks Observers: Development, Stability Analysis and Implementation
  • Integral Sliding Modes with Block Control of Multimachine Electric Power Systems
  • Stability Analysis of Polynomials with Polynomic Uncertainty
  • Fouling Detection Based on Parameter Estimation
  • Enhanced Fuzzy Controller for Nonlinear Systems: Membership-Function-Dependent Stability Analysis Approach
  • Almost Global Synchronization of Symmetric Kuramoto Coupled Oscillators
  • On Stability of Multivariate Polynomials
  • LQ and H2 Tuning of Fixed-Structure Controller for Continuous Time Invariant System with H∞ Constraints
  • A Sampled-data Regulator using Sliding Modes and Exponential Holder for Linear Systems

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Author(s): Petr Husek
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Number of pages: 248
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