Simulating Humans: Computer Graphics, Animation, and Control

Simulating Humans: Computer Graphics, Animation, and Control

This book is intended for human factors engineers interested in understanding how a computer-graphics surrogate human can augment their analyses of designed environments.


It will also inform design engineers of the state of the art in human figure modeling, and hence of the human-centered design central to the emergent concept of concurrent engineering. In fulfilling these goals, the book additionally documents for the entire computer graphics community a major research effort in the interactive control of articulated human figures.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction and Historical Background
  • Body Modeling
  • Spatial Interaction
  • Behavioral Control
  • Simulation with Societies of Behaviors
  • Task-Level Speci cations
  • Epilogue

Book Details

Author(s): Norman I. Badler, Cary B. Phillips and Bonnie L. Webber.
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.05 MB
Number of pages: 283
Link: Download.

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