Rapid Application Development with Mozilla

Rapid Application Development with Mozilla

Rapid Application Development with Mozilla, part of the Bruce Perens Open Source Series, is a concise guide for any programmer who wants to learn the versatility and compatibility of Mozilla, an open source toolset with over a thousand objects and components.


An additional feature of Rapid Application Development with Mozilla is the NoteTaker Web browser add-on-a sample Mozilla application that is developed throughout the book. The Mozilla Platform is a large software development tool that is a modern blend of XML document processing, scripting languages, and software objects. It is used to create interactive, user-focused applications. This book is a conceptual overview, reference, and tutorial on the use of the platform for building such applications.

This book covers the Mozilla Platform up to version 1.4. Changes between minor versions (e.g., 1.3 and 1.4) are small enough that most of this book will be correct for some time.

Table of Contents

  • Fundamental Concepts
  • XUL Layout
  • Static Content
  • First Widgets and Themes
  • Scripting
  • Events
  • Forms and Menus
  • Navigation
  • Commands
  • Windows and Panes
  • RDF
  • Overlays and Chrome
  • Listboxes and Trees
  • Templates
  • XBL Bindings
  • XPCOM Objects
  • Deployment

Book Details

Author(s): Nigel McFarlane
Format(s): PDF
File size: 15.07 MB
Number of pages: 212
Link: Download.

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