PSX: The Guide to the Sony Playstation

PSX: The Guide to the Sony Playstation

The complete guide to the Sony Playstation. Collector info, interviews, history of the PSX, prototypes, images, everything you could want. Free pdf download.


Over one hundred million systems sold. Over one billion pieces of software sold. The Sony Playstation is the single most successful home videogame system ever released, dominating in the USA, Japan and Europe. In 1998, the Playstation alone was responsible for forty percent of the profits at Sony, one of the world’s largest companies.
Lara Croft, Crash Bandicoot and Cloud Strife have joined Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario in the public consciousness.

This book is directed toward fans of Kutaragi’s grey box. We’ve provided information on every American release and interviewed some of the creators of the Playstation’s best games. But the data would be meaningless without the tales that made it possible. Here is the story of how an eccentric Tokyo-born engineer succeeded in his dream of bringing 3D games to the masses.

Table of Contents

  • The Playstation Story
  • The Systems
  • US Game Releases
  • Playstation Database
  • Games Listed by Publisher
  • Rare Japanese and EU Releases
  • Expensive Japanese and EU Releases
  • Games Listed by SLUS/SCUS
  • Peripherals of Note
  • Games Listed by Genre

Book Details

Author(s): Kevin Bryan
Format(s): PDF
File size: 14.70 MB
Number of pages: 142
Link: Download.

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