Object-Oriented Programming with Objective-C

This pdf/online book is intended for readers who might be interested in: Learning about object-oriented programming, Finding out about the basis for the Cocoa application framework and Programming in Objective-C.

Table of Contents

  • “Why Objective-C?” explains why Objective-C was chosen as the development language for the Cocoa frameworks.
  • “Object-Oriented Programming” discusses the rationale for object-oriented programming languages and introduces much of the terminology. It develops the ideas behind object-oriented programming techniques. Even if you’re already familiar with object-oriented programming, you are encouraged to read this chapter to gain a sense of the Objective-C perspective on object orientation and its use of terminology.
  • “The Object Model” describes how you can think of a program in terms of units that combine state and behavior—objects. It then explains how you characterize these objects as belonging to a particular class, how one class can inherit state and behavior from another class, and how objects can send messages to other objects.
  • “Structuring Programs” explains how you think about designing an object-oriented program by creating connections between objects. It introduces the techniques of aggregation and decomposition, which divide responsibility between different sorts of object, and the role of frameworks in defining libraries of objects designed to work together.
  • “Structuring the Programming Task” discusses issues of project management related to collaboration among programmers and to code implementation.

Book Details

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