Motion Planning

Motion Planning

In this free book, new results or developments from different research backgrounds and application fields are put together to provide a wide and useful viewpoint on these headed research problems mentioned above, focused on the motion planning problem of mobile ro-bots.

These results cover a large range of the problems that are frequently encountered in the motion planning of mobile robots both in theoretical methods and practical applications including obstacle avoidance methods, navigation and localization techniques, environmental modelling or map building methods, and vision signal processing etc. Different methods such as potential fields, reactive behaviours, neural-fuzzy based methods, motion control methods and so on are studied. Through this book and its references, the reader will definitely be able to get a thorough overview on the current research results for this specific topic in robotics. The book is intended for the readers who are interested and active in the field of robotics and especially for those who want to study and develop their own methods in motion/path planning or control for an intelligent robotic system.


  • Local Autonomous Robot Navigation Using Potential Fields
  • Foundations of Parameterized Trajectoriesbased Space Transformations for Obstacle Avoidance
  • Text Detection and Pose Estimation for a Reading Robot
  • Robust Vision-only Mobile Robot Navigation with Topological Maps
  • A Practical Approach for Motion Planning of Wheeled Mobile Robots
  • SOVEREIGN: an Autonomous Neural System for Incrementally Learning to Navigate towards a Rewarded Goal
  • Stereo Matching and 3D Reconstruction via an Omnidirectional Stereo Sensor
  • Motion Estimation of Moving Target Using Multiple Images in Intelligent Space
  • Robot Tracking Using the Particle Filter and SOM in Networked Robotic Space
  • Artificial Coordinating Field Based Motion Planning of Mobile Robots
  • Minimum-Energy Motion Planning for Differential-Driven Wheeled Mobile Robots
  • Performance Evaluation of Potential Field Based Distributed Motion Planning Methods for Robot Collectives
  • Motion Planning of Intelligent Explorer for Asteroid Exploration Mission
  • Modification of Kohonen Rule for Vehicle Path Planing by Behavioral Cloning
  • An Immunological Approach to Mobile Robot Navigation
  • A Mobile Computing Framework for Navigation Tasks
  • Planning with Discrete Harmonic Potential Fields
  • Mobile Robot with Preliminary-Announcement and Indication of Scheduled Route and Occupied Area Using Projector
  • Occupancy Grid Maps for Localization and Mapping
  • Neuro-Fuzzy Navigation Technique for Control of Mobile Robots
  • Spatial Reasoning with Applications to Mobile Robotics
  • Automated Static and Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance in Arbitrary 3D Polygonal Worlds
  • Reactive Motion Planning for Mobile Robots
  • Integrating Time Performance in Global Path Planning for Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Building Internal Maps of a Mobile Robot
  • Cooperative Indoor Navigation Using Environment-Embedded Assistance Devices
  • Nonlinear Motion Control of Mobile Robot Dynamic Model
  • Planning for Unraveling Deformable Linear Objects Based on Their Silhouette
  • Smoothing of Piecewise Linear Paths
  • A Novel Feature Extraction Algorithm for Outdoor Mobile Robot Localization

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Author(s): Xing-Jian Jing
Publisher: InTech
Format(s): PDF
File size: 51.03 MB
Number of pages: 598
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