Macperl: Power and Ease

Macperl:Power and Ease

MacPerl: Power and Ease is designed for both the beginner to Perl, and those who want to take advantage of Perl on Mac OS. It’s divided into three primary sections: learning about programming, learning about Perl, and advanced topics.


The prospective audience for this book, like the Macintosh community, is extremely diverse. Some readers will be experienced programmers; others will have no knowledge of programming at all. In addition, the readers’ motivations will vary, spanning curiosity, business or educational needs, and more; no one description could possibly cover every possible reader!.
Some things, however, are clear. Although you do not need to have any particular knowledge about programming, you should be comfortable with Mac OS and interested in learning how to make better use of your machine.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • A Peek Into Programming
  • A Dip Into Data
  • A Step Into Syntax
  • Installation And Overview
  • Building Blocks
  • Stacking The Blocks
  • Filing The Edges
  • Curious Constructions
  • Odd Corners
  • Help!
  • Extensibility And Re-use
  • The MacPerl Package
  • The Toolbox Modules
  • GUI Toolbox Modules
  • Data Storage
  • CGI Scripting
  • Network Programming
  • AppleScript, Etc.
  • Operators
  • Reserved Words
  • Special Variables
  • MPW Perl
  • Building MacPerl And Extensions

Book Details

Author(s): Vicki Brown
Format(s): PDF
Number of pages: 350
Link: Download.

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