J2ME and Gaming

This book is about programming with J2ME on wireless devices with focus on developing games. It is assumed you have some knowledge and programming experience with J2ME and J2SE.


The book does not go into detail on topics like how to make high level GUI menu but does demonstrate what a game menu might look like. Nor will it explain in detail how to use the Record Management System (RMS), but will go over topics that use RMS such as high score and game settings. As well a knowledge and experience with threading will be an asset before proceeding with game development. The book will go over in detail the new game classes that are now included in the MIDP 2.0.

Table of Contents

  • Mobile Game Contraints
  • Before Code
  • MIDP2 Game Classes
  • Math Contraints
  • Eliminator: Introduction
  • Eliminator: Splash Screen
  • Eliminator: Game Menu
  • Eliminator: Exception Handling
  • Eliminator: Settings & High Score
  • Eliminator: Terrain (Scrolling…)
  • Eliminator: Player and Bullets
  • Eliminator: Change of Scenery
  • Eliminator: Enemeis & Game Items
  • Eliminator: Boss
  • Eliminator: Game Extras
  • Improving
  • Adding Time Tiral to Your Game

Book Details

Author(s): Jason Lam
Format(s): PDF
File size: 7.49 MB
Number of pages: 219
Link: Download.

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