Introduction to Machine Learning

This free pdf book “Introduction to Machine Learning” by Nils J. Nilsson


My intention is to pursue a middle ground between a theoretical textbook and one that focusses on applications. The book concentrates on the important ideas in machine learning. I do not give proofs of many of the theorems that I state, but I do give plausibility arguments and citations to formal proofs. And, I do not treat many matters that would be of practical importance in applications; the book is not a handbook of machine learning practice. Instead, my goal is to give the reader sucient preparation to make the extensive literature on machine learning accessible.

Table of Contents

  • Boolean Functions
  • Using Version Spaces for Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Statistical Learning
  • Decision Trees
  • Inductive Logic Programming
  • Computational Learning Theory
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Temporal-Difference Learning
  • Delayed-Reinforcement Learning and Explanation-Based Learning

Book Details

Author(s): Nils J. Nilsson
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.81 MB
Number of pages: 188
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