Free eBook: Make Your Own Android App

Free eBook: Make Your Own Android App

“Make Your Own Android App: Your Unofficial Intro To MIT App Inventor” is the latest free eBook from This guide aims to show anyone the basics of using App Inventor in the hopes that more people will create instead of just consuming.


With this free and open-source software, everyone will have the ability to become contributors to the digital world that surrounds them. App Inventor makes mobile app development highly visual, and highly intuitive. It is an easy and fun way for the uninitiated to learn about computer programming, and is at the same time a productive tool for advanced programmers alike. It is worth mentioning that despite being in its infancy – that is to say beta phase – this platform still offers a robust set of programming tools for all levels of programming ability and is ideal for use in education.
Indeed, a major angle being promoted by MIT/Google is its instrumentality in teaching and for introducing anyone to programming, particularly young people, in say a high school setting. Although, it has a much broader target audience than that. That is, adult non-programmers who wish to teach themselves, and professional programmers.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • System Requirements
  • Development
  • Coding And Testing
  • Testing
  • Sharing And Marketing

Book Details

Author(s): James Sherar
Format(s): PDF
File size: 3.69 MB
Number of pages: 23
Link: Download. | (Password: makeuseof)

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