Alternative DNS Servers

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“Alternative DNS Servers: Choice and deployment, and optional SQL/LDAP back-ends” by Jan-Piet Mens is freely avialable in pdf format. It provides a complete survey of DNS (Domain Name System) servers and outlines the most suitable types of servers for varying scenarios.


This book is aimed at three broad groups of people:
1. Systems administrators setting up a new DNS infrastructure, redesigning an existing one, or who just want to manage an existing system better.
2. Consultants recommending or implementing DNS solutions for customers, perhaps running them as an outsourced service.
3. IT or Network managers who need to understand what’s involved in getting a DNS infrastructure up and running.

It covers the needs of all sizes of organization, from small Small Office / Home Office networks requiring simple DNS services, to corporate networks and ISPs requiring high performance and very reliable services for public Internet use and for internal systems. Whichever group you belong to, this book addresses you requirements.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to the DNS
  • How to represent zone data and where to store it
  • Preparing for your implementation
  • MaraDNS
  • MyDNS
  • PowerDNS Authoritative Server
  • An overview of BIND
  • BIND’s Simplified Database Interface
  • Bind DLZ
  • Name Server Daemon (NSD)
  • tinydns
  • ldapdns
  • dnsmasq
  • DNS on Microsoft Windows
  • DNS and Perl
  • DNS blacklists
  • Caching name servers
  • Delegation and private DNS roots
  • Updating DNS zones and their associated records
  • The Name Service Switch
  • Internationalized Domain Names
  • Introducing DNSSEC
  • Performance
  • Securing and monitoring your DNS servers

Book Details

Author(s): Jan-Piet Mens
Publisher: UIT Cambridge Ltd.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 11.04 MB
Number of pages: 747
Link: Download.

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