An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop, Part 3: Pro Tips

An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop, Part 3: Pro Tips

Free guide, “An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop, Part 3: Pro Tips”, from This manual outlines 32 Photoshop tips you need to know, along with a photo retouching guide and three in-depth tutorials.


The best way to master any software is to practice while reading step-by-step tutorials. Don’t just read – do. As the saying goes “Knowledge is nothing without practice.” If you just read this, you won’t remember anything, so it’s important to practice as you read – then you will be familiar with the process and tools you used and you will be able to apply your knowledge later.

So don’t just sit there. Load Photoshop, find some photos to play with and follow these instructions as you read.

Table of Contents

  • Photoshop Tricks You Didn’t Know
  • Creating A YouTube Banner With Links
  • Basic Photo Retouching
  • Creating a Silhouette from a Photo
  • Creating a Favicon in Photoshop

Book Details

Author(s): Azamat “Bohed” E.
Format(s): PDF, ePub
File size: 6.07 MB
Number of pages: 37
Link: Download.

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