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Welcome, Python programmer, to this comprehensive guide to Zope 3. Zope 3 is a free/open source web application framework written in the Python programming language. Zope 3 provides a component architecture, transactional object database, tightly integrated security model and many other features.


This book discuss all major features of Zope 3. The concepts are introduced using simple examples. In the Quickstart chapter a simple ‘hello world’ application is developed. The Tutorial chapter narrates development of a book mark application. After that an issue/bug tracking application is used to introduce advanced topics.

The scope of this book doesn’t allow coverage of software development processes. For a small or medium sized team, Extreme Programming (XP) methodology is very suitable. But team size is not the only criteria; read more about XP methodology to help you understand its strengths and how it can help you develop using Zope 3 (both directly and indirectly). “Extreme Programming Explained” by Kent Beck is a good starting point to learn XP. According to Extreme Programming, the four basic activities of development are coding, testing, listening, and designing. Zope 3 makes your software testing a breeze. You can write unit and functional tests very easily.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Quick start
  • Interfaces
  • Components
  • Schema
  • Content Components
  • Configuration
  • Unit Testing
  • Views
  • Functional Testing
  • Skinning
  • Language Support
  • Forms

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