Zen and the Art of the Internet

Zen and the Art of the Internet

The legendary best-selling Internet introduction, a convenient package that’s just as friendly and easy-to-read as ever, is now fully-updated with coverage of the World Wide Web and much more. For years, Internet experts have referred newcomers to this book as the single best way to get started on the Internet. It’s one of the few computer books that can truly be called a classic.


The purpose of this booklet is two-fold: first, it’s intended to serve as a reference piece, which someone can easily grab on the fly and look something up. Also, it forms a foundation from which people can explore the vast expanse of the Internet. Zen and the Art of the Internet doesn’t spend a significant amount of time on any one point; rather, it provides enough for people to learn the specifics of what his or her local system offers.

Table of Contents

  • Network Basics
  • Electronic Mail
  • Anonymous FTP
  • Usenet News
  • Telnet
  • Various Tools
  • Commercial Services
  • Things You’ll Hear About
  • Getting to Other Networks
  • Retrieving Files via Email

Book Details

Author(s): Brendan P. Kehoe
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Format(s): PDF, HTML, ePub, Mobi, etc.
File size: 320 KB
Number of pages: 86
Link: Download.

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