Ynot Logic Simulator: A Literate C++ Program

This book comprises the source code to the Ynot logic simlator. The essential idea is that a literate program is the combination of documentation and source code in a form suitable for reading by human beings.


The TeX source to this book and the C++ source code it documents are combined in common files. A literate programming tool which I wrote, called loma, weaves the the files into the TeX source that produced this book and into the C++ source programs which can be compiled to produce the executable program.

Table of Contents

  • Level and Edge Classes
  • Gate Abstract Class
  • Node and Port Classes
  • Time Class
  • Event Class
  • Gate Model Classes
  • Circuit Class
  • Main Program
  • Array Class Template
  • List Class Template
  • HashTable Class Template
  • PriorityQueue Class Template

Book Details

Author(s): Bruno R. Preiss
Format(s): PDF
File size: 499 KB
Number of pages: 176
Link: Download.

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