Xen Virtualization Essentials

Xen Virtualization Essentials

Free online book “Xen Virtualization Essentials”. The objective of this ebook is to provide the reader with an understanding of the basic approaches to virtualization together with detailed information on deploying virtualization using Xen technology.


Whilst many books tend to focus on the theory of virtualization, this ebook emphasizes the practical aspects of working with Xen, including detailed step by step tutorials designed to show exactly how to create and manage Xen based guest domains.
This book is about one such virtualization solution known as Xen. Xen is a feature rich, open source, hypervisor-based virtualization solution which, in spite of its relatively recent origins, has gained both wide acceptance and an enviable reputation throughout the IT industry.

Table of Contents

  • An Overview of Virtualization Techniques
  • Configuring and Installing a Xen Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM) domainU Guest
  • Installing and Running Windows XP or Vista as a Xen HVM domainU Guest
  • Virtualizing Windows Server 2008 with Xen
  • Installing and Running Windows 7 as a Xen HVM domainU Guest
  • Adding USB Devices to a Xen HVM domainU Guest
  • Building a Xen Virtual Guest Filesystem on a Disk Image (Cloning Host System)
  • Building a Xen Virtual Guest Filesystem on a Physical Disk Partition (Cloning Host System)
  • Building a Xen Virtual Guest Filesystem using Logical Volume Management (LVM)
  • Building a Xen Guest Root Filesystem using yum and rpm
  • Building a Debian or Ubuntu Xen Guest Root Filesystem using debootstrap
  • Building a Xen Guest Domain using Xen-Tools
  • Using QEMU Disk Images for Xen DomainU Systems
  • Creating and Booting a Xen Guest domainU using an NFS Mounted Root Filesystem
  • Configuring a VNC based Graphical Console for a Xen Paravirtualized domainU Guest
  • Running and Connecting to VNC Servers on a Xen Guest (domainU) System
  • Adding Disk, CDROM and DVD Devices to a Running Xen domainU Guest System
  • Xen Monitoring Tools and Techniques
  • Migrating Xen domainU Guests Between Host Systems
  • Solving Common Xen Problems

Book Details

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Publisher: Virtuatopia
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 152
Link: Read online.

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