Xamarin.Forms Succinctly

Xamarin.Forms Succinctly

The demand for mobile applications across Android, iOS, and Windows platforms often puts developers accustomed to .NET and C# in a bind. The gap between platform operating systems, programming languages, and devices is an immense obstacle. Ideally, these developers would be able use their existing skills and knowledge to build native mobile apps. Xamarin.Forms makes this possible. In Xamarin.Forms Succinctly by Alessandro Del Sole, you will learn how Xamarin.Forms allows developers to build apps for Android, iOS, and Windows from a single C# codebase through the use of containers, controls, navigation, data binding, native APIs, and more.

Topics included: Introduction • Getting Started with Xamarin.Forms • Sharing Code Among Platforms • Building the User Interface with XAML • Organizing the UI with Layouts • Xamarin.Forms Common Controls • Pages and Navigation • Resources and Data Binding • Accessing Platform-Specific APIs • Managing the App Lifecycle.

Book Details

Author(s): Alessandro Del Sole
Publisher: Syncfusion Inc.
Published: September 2017
Format(s): PDF, Mobi(Kindle)
File size: 3.43 MB
Number of pages: 127
Download / View Link(s): PDF, Mobi

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