Writing GNOME Applications

Writing GNOME Applications

Writing GNOME Applications will help Linux programmers learn the basics of GNOME and understand how to write real-world applications using this important programming environment. Focusing on the essentials, this book guides you through GNOME’s fundamental elements and explains how and why these elements function as they do.


Rather than serving as an exhaustive reference, the book offers detailed discussion on the most important function calls, demonstrating how to put them to work in application development. You will also find important background on UNIX and the X Window System, upon which GNOME is based. Writing GNOME Applications also presents the essentials of GTK+, GNOME’s GUI toolkit.

Table of Contents

  • The GTK+/GNOME System
  • The GNOME Build Environment
  • Graphics
  • The GNOME Canvas

Book Details

Author(s): John R Sheets
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 480
Link: Read online.

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