Windows Vista Product Guide

Windows Vista Product Guide

Free Windows Vista book in pdf format. A comprehensive feature-by-feature guide to Windows Vista with Service Pack 1. With contributions from people who actually worked on the product, this is the definitive resource to learn about Windows Vista. The Windows Vista Product Guide is available in XPS and PDF formats.


The Windows Vista Product Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the innovative features and functions that make Windows Vista the next-generation Windows operating system and successor to Windows XP. This guide also provides information about the benefits Windows Vista offers diverse users, as well as information about the different editions (SKUs, or stock-keeping units) available.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Windows Vista
  • Editions of Windows Vista
  • For All Users
  • For Home Users
  • For Business Users
  • For IT Professionals

Book Details

Author(s): Microsoft Corporation
Format(s): PDF, XPS
File size: 19.00 MB
Number of pages: 334
Link: Download.

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