Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell

This free Windows PowerShell book will give you an introduction to Windows PowerShell as well as practical examples, in order to give you a quick introduction to this subject even if you have no significant previous scripting experience.


The book is explicitly not aimed at professional scripters; the extensive Windows PowerShell help and the many Internet forums and additional literature are designed to give experts everything they need. However, the newbies amongst you will hopefully find everything you need in this book to enable you to think about scripting in more detail, and hopefully quickly learn to enjoy being able to operate a computer even without a mouse.

Table of Contents

  • Useful Key Combinations For Swiss Standard Keyboards
  • First Impressions Of Windows Powershell
  • Additional Uses For Output: “Piping” Objects
  • Initial Exercises With Windows Powershell Objects
  • Working With Processes
  • Output In A Txt, Csv Or Xml File
  • Output In Color
  • Checking Conditions Using The If Cmdlet
  • Output In Html
  • Working With Files
  • Finding Object Information Using Get-Member
  • Deleting Files
  • Creating Folders
  • If You Have Time
  • Windows Powershell As Generic Object Processing Machine
  • Wmi Objects
  • Working With Net Objects And Xml
  • Working With Com Objects
  • Working With Event Logs
  • Solution Scripts To The Exercises In This Book
  • Windows Powershell Examples – From Simple To Complex
  • Theoretical Principles For Windows Powershell
  • Windows Powershell – A Brief Introduction
  • Aims Of Developing Windows Powershell
  • On Texts, Parsers And Objects
  • A New Scripting Language
  • Windows Commands And Service Programs
  • An Interactive Environment
  • Script Support
  • Cmd, Wscript Or Powershell? Do I Have To Decide?
  • Windows Powershell 10
  • Security When Using Scripts

Book Details

Author(s): Frank Koch
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.20 MB
Number of pages: 44
Link: Download.

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