Windows PowerShell Cookbook

Windows PowerShell Cookbook

O’Reilly Media has made available “Windows PowerShell Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Scripting Microsoft’s Command Shell”, by Lee Holmes, on their Open Feedback Publishing System. This book focuses on helping you learn PowerShell through task-based solutions to your most pressing problems.


This book helps you use PowerShell to get things done. It contains hundreds of solutions to specific, real-world problems. For systems management, you’ll find plenty of examples that show how to manage the filesystem, the Windows Registry, event logs, processes, and more. For enterprise administration, you’ll find two entire chapters devoted to WMI, Active Directory, and other enterprise-focused tasks.

Table of Contents

  • A Guided Tour of Windows PowerShell
  • The Windows PowerShell Interactive Shell
  • Pipelines
  • Variables and Objects
  • Looping and Flow Control
  • Strings and Unstructured Text
  • Calculations and Math
  • Lists, Arrays, and Hashtables
  • Utility Tasks
  • Simple Files
  • Structured Files
  • Code Reuse
  • Internet-Enabled Scripts
  • User Interaction
  • Debugging
  • Tracing and Error Management
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Extend the Reach of Windows PowerShell
  • Security and Script Signing
  • Integrated Scripting Environment
  • Files and Directories
  • The Windows Registry
  • Comparing Data
  • Event Logs
  • Processes
  • System Services
  • Active Directory
  • Enterprise Computer Management
  • Windows Management Instrumentation
  • Remoting
  • Workflows
  • Transactions
  • Event Handling

Book Details

Author(s): Lee Holmes
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Format(s): HTML (Online)
Number of pages: 1000.
Link: Read online.

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