Windows 7 Media Center Customization Handbook

Windows 7 Media Center Customization Handbook

Free eBook “Windows 7 Media Center Customization Handbook” is compiled from numerous Windows Media Center tutorials written on Changes to system protected files are required to accomplish the entirety of the guide and should be approached cautiously.


The purpose of this handbook is not to define the ultimate solution; its purpose is to give you simple, unbiased advice on what I’ve found to be the best options out there. If you have any questions about PC customization or PCs in general, you can head to Windows Forums where you’ll find friendly, knowledgeable members who are happy to assist in your learning. If you disagree with anything in this handbook, please join us also and share your solutions.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Notational Conventions
  • Customization 101
  • Required Downloads
  • Movie Organization
  • Join Two-Part Movies
  • Get MetaData for Your Movies
  • Configure Media Browser
  • Set up Actor Images
  • Add Media Browser to W7MC Start Menu
  • Change Media Browser Icon in Startup Menu
  • Add Custom Genre Icons to Media Browser
  • Speed Up Media Browser Using USB Flash Drive
  • Hide the Default Movie Strip
  • Change W7MC Background

Book Details

Author(s): Rich Robinson
Format(s): PDF
File size: 5.49 MB
Number of pages: 20
Link: Download.

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