Web Teaching

Web Teaching

This book delves into a review of current research, active learning strategies, Web courseware, metacognition, strategies for Web discussions, promoting student self-regulation, building interactive Web pages, basic HTML coding, managing Web sites, using databases, automated testing, and security and legal issues.


It helps readers pick and choose what aspects of the Web to employ to achieve the greatest student learning gains. You probably are a teacher either thinking about using the Web in your teaching, or a Web teacher looking for new ideas. This book is first about teaching, and then about the Web. Since you already know something about teaching, we thought we’d begin our journey with some information about the Web.

Table of Contents

  • Research on Teaching; Web Issues
  • Courseware
  • Students and Web Use Expectations
  • Encouraging Discussion
  • Web Multimedia Basics
  • Interactive Strategies
  • Multimedia Beyond Text
  • Promotion of Self-Regulated Learning
  • Creating and Managing Web Sites
  • Course Supplements
  • College and K-12 Courses
  • Informal Education: Museums, Organizations
  • Using Databases
  • Automated Testing
  • Advanced Interactivity
  • Weblets, CD-ROMs, Intranets
  • Security Issues
  • Equity And Legal Issues
  • Multimedia Classrooms; Lecturing

Book Details

Author(s): David Brooks, Diane Nolan, and Susan Gallagher
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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