Web Performance Insights 2011

Web Performance Insights 2011

“Web Performance Insights 2011” by Catchpoint Systems is a collection of their most insightful and popular web performance articles posted on Catchpoint blog from 2011.


Today, as the vox populi demands universal speed and reliability across the internet, it is more important than ever for companies to meet end user expectations. Moreover, as businesses continue to lease out their cyber real estate to 3rd Party Providers to increase revenue through advertising, track and analyze user behavior, or save money in infrastructure costs, it is crucial for us to understand the impact of each one to the overall performance of the website.

Table of Contents

  • Webpages turning into Airports without Traffic Controller!
  • The Biggest Misconception about Google Page Speed
  • Free DNS Can Hurt Web Performance!
  • Relying on Web Performance Monitoring to Discover Release Problems
  • Getting the Most Out of Performance Monitoring: Setting Alert Thresholds
  • Three Key Steps to Successful Web Performance Benchmarking
  • A New Blind Spot for Web Performance Tools
  • My 2 cents on the AWS Failure and lessons learned from the past
  • Royal Wedding and the Internet
  • WPO Resolution for 2012!

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