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Building Web Apps with Go

Building Web Apps with Go

Welcome to Building Web Apps with Go! If you are reading this then you have just started your journey from noob to pro. No seriously, web programming in Go is so fun and easy that you won’t even notice how much information you are learning along the way!

Apache Solr Succinctly

 ASP.NET MVC Succinctly

Search is everywhere, yet it is one of the most misunderstood functionalities of the IT industry. In Apache Solr Succinctly, author Xavier Morera guides you through the basics of this highly popular enterprise search tool. You’ll learn how to set up an index and how to make it searchable, then query it with a simple enterprise search. Explanations for precision and recall are also included to help you ensure that relevant, accurate results have been returned. Custom UIs using Solritas and SolrNet are also covered.

Twitter Bootstrap 3 Succinctly

Twitter Bootstrap 3 Succinctly

Learn the new and improved features in the latest version of Twitter Bootstrap. With Twitter Bootstrap 3 Succinctly, developers will transition smoothly into the newest version of Twitter Bootstrap, which boasts an emphasis on mobile development.

Modern Web Essentials Using JavaScript and HTML5

Modern Web Essentials Using JavaScript and HTML5

Developing single page applications with JavaScript and HTML5 solves an enterprise pain point – how to reach users on various platforms without diminishing user experience. This book provides tools for a thorough understanding of three topics integral to effective enterprise-level, web SPA development: JavaScript language essentials, HTML5 specification features, and responsive design principles.

Twitter Bootstrap Succinctly

Twitter Bootstrap Succinctly

Twitter Bootstrap (TWB) is a free front-end framework built by Twitter developers to ensure visual and functional consistency across websites and applications. In Twitter Bootstrap Succinctly, Peter Shaw walks you through the basics of using TWB Version 2 CSS classes to add beautiful, user-friendly components to your projects. You’ll learn how to add TWB to an existing project, and use it to customize attractive buttons, tabs, breadcrumbs, dropdowns and more.

Tablet Web Design Best Practices [PDF]

Tablet Web Design Best Practices

This book is a collection of tablet web design best practices, curated by the designers and software engineers of Mobify. Inside, you’ll find 30 techniques for creating amazing website experiences on tablet devices.

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook [PDF, iBook]

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook covers a lot of core principles and topics that apply to digital design, its relevant tools and accessibility. It also contains Photoshop tips and techniques.

The Shape of Design [PDF, ePub, Kindle, Online]

The Shape of Design

“The Shape of Design – A fieldguide for makers . A love letter to design”, by Frank Chimero, is a meditation on the design process and the work’s potential effect when released. Read it online or download in multiple formats.

RESTful Web Services [PDF, ePub, Kindle, Online]

RESTful Web Services

This book is freely available in multiple formats as part of O’Reilly’s Open Book Project. This is the first book that applies the REST design philosophy to real web services.

Butterick’s Practical Typography

Butterick’s Practical Typography Butterick’s Practical Typography, by Matthew Butterick, will make you a bet­ter typographer. Read it online.