VMM 2008 Virtualization Essentials

VMM 2008 Virtualization Essentials

Free online book “VMM 2008 Virtualization Essentials”. VMM 2008 Essentials is an eBook dedicated to providing a detailed overview of the installation and subsequent use of VMM(Virtual Machine Manager) 2008 to perform a wide range of administration tasks on Hyper-V based virtualization environments.


Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (VMM 2008) is comprised of a number of different modules, each of which serves a specific purpose. VMM 2008 also uses a distributed architecture such that the various components may either be installed on a single server, or spread over multiple server systems. When managing smaller numbers of hosts and virtual machines, installation of all the components on a single server is acceptable. For larger scale virtualization deployments, spreading the components over a number of server systems may be necessary to improve overall performance.

Table of Contents

  • VMM 2008 Components
  • VMM 2008 Architecture and Port Usage
  • VMM 2008 System Requirements
  • Installing VMM 2008 Components
  • A Guided Tour of the VMM Administrator Console
  • Managing Hosts with the VMM Administrator Console
  • Creating and Managing VMM 2008 Virtual Machine Templates
  • Managing Virtual Machines with the VMM Administrator Console
  • Managing VMM 2008 Library Servers
  • Performing Physical to Virtual (P2V) Conversions using VMM 2008
  • Converting VMware Virtual Machines to Hyper-V using VMM 2008 V2V
  • Understanding and Configuring VMM 2008 User Roles
  • Deploying a VMM 2008 Self-Service Portal

Book Details

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Publisher: Virtutopia
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 110
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