Vision Systems: Applications

Vision Systems: Applications

Computer Vision is the most important key in developing autonomous navigation systems for interaction with the environment. It also leads us to marvel at the functioning of our own vision system. In this book we have collected the latest applications of vision research from around the world.


It contains both the conventional research areas like mobile robot navigation and map building, and more recent applications such as, micro vision, etc.The fist seven chapters contain the newer applications of vision like micro vision, grasping using vision, behavior based perception, inspection of railways and humanitarian demining. The later chapters deal with applications of vision in mobile robot navigation, camera calibration, object detection in vision search, map building, etc.

Table of Contents

  • Micro Vision
  • Dynamic 3D-Vision
  • Bearing-only Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Vision-Based Mobile Robots
  • Object Recognition for Obstacles-free Trajectories Applied to Navigation Control
  • Omnidirectional Vision-Based Control from Homography
  • Industrial Vision Systems, Real Time and Demanding Environment: a Working Case for Quality Control
  • New Types of Keypoints for Detecting Known Objects in Visual Search Tasks
  • Biologically Inspired Vision Architectures: a Software/Hardware Perspective
  • Robot Vision in the Language of Geometric Algebra
  • Algebraic Reconstruction and Post-Processing in Incomplete Data Computed Tomography: from X-rays to Laser Beams
  • AMR Vision System for Perception, Job Detection and Identification in Manufacturing
  • Symmetry Signatures for Image-Based Applications in Robotics
  • Stereo Vision Based SLAM Issues and Solutions
  • Shortest Path Homography-Based Visual Control for Differential Drive Robots
  • A Practical Toolbox for Calibrating Omnidirectional Cameras
  • Methods of the Definition Analysis of Fine Details of Images
  • Image Magnification Based on the Human Visual Processing
  • Active Vision Based Regrasp Planning for Capture of a Deforming Object Using Genetic Algorithms
  • Multi-Focal Visual Servoing Strategies
  • Grasping Points Determination Using Visual Features
  • Behavior-Based Perception for Soccer Robots
  • A Real-Time Framework for the Vision Subsystem in Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Extraction of Roads From Out Door Images
  • ViSyR: a Vision System for Real-Time Infrastructure Inspection
  • Bearing-Only Vision SLAM with Distinguishable Image Features
  • An Effective 3D Target Recognition Imitating Robust Methods of the Human Visual System
  • 3D Cameras: 3D Computer Vision of Wide Scope
  • A Visual Based Extended Monte Carlo Localization for Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Optical Correlator based Optical Flow Processor for Real Time Visual Navigation
  • Simulation of Visual Servoing Control and Performance Tests of 6R Robot Using Image-Based and Position-Based Approaches
  • Correlation Error Reduction of Images in Stereo Vision with Fuzzy Method and its Application on Cartesian Robot

Book Details

Author(s): Goro Obinata and Ashish Dutta.
Format(s): PDF, HTML
File size: 12.53 MB
Number of pages: 608
Link: Download or read online.

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