Virtual Reality: Scientific and Technological Challenges

Virtual Reality: Scientific and Technological Challenges

Virtual Reality is the first integrated treatment of the topic, presenting current knowledge along with thought-provoking vignettes about a future where SE is commonplace.

This volume discusses all aspects of creating a system that will allow human operators to see, hear, smell, taste, move about, give commands, respond to conditions, and manipulate objects effectively in a real or virtual environment. The committee of computer scientists, engineers, and psychologists on the leading edge of SE development explores the potential applications of SE in the areas of manufacturing, medicine, education, training, scientific visualization, and teleoperation in hazardous environments.


  • Some Psychological Considerations
  • The Visual Channel
  • The Auditory Channel
  • Haptic Interfaces
  • Position Tracking and Mapping
  • Whole-Body Motion, Motion Sickness, and Locomotion Interfaces
  • Speech, Physiology, and Other Interface Components
  • Computer Hardware and Software for the Generation of Virtual Environments
  • Telerobotics
  • Networking and Communications
  • Evaluation of Synthetic Environment Systems
  • Specific Applications of SE Systems

Book Details

Author(s): Nathaniel I. Durlach and Anne S. Mavor
Format(s): PDF
Number of pages: 556
Link: Download.

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