TypeScript Succinctly

TypeScript Succinctly

Free eBook TypeScript Succinctly: The .NET approach to JavaScript, by Steve Fenton, is available in PDF and Kindle formats.

Book Description

With TypeScript Succinctly by Steve Fenton, you will learn how TypeScript provides optional static typing and classes to JavaScript development, how to create and load modules, and how to work with existing JavaScript libraries through ambient declarations. TypeScript is even significantly integrated with Visual Studio to provide the autocompletion and type checking you are most comfortable with.

Table of Contents

  • Concepts in TypeScript
  • Visual Studio
  • Type Safety
  • Creating New Modules
  • Loading Modules
  • Working with Existing JavaScript
  • Unit Testing with TypeScript
  • Alternative Development Tools
  • TypeScript Command Line

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Author(s): Steve Fenton
Publisher: Syncfusion, Inc.
Published: June 2013
Format(s): PDF, ePub, Mobi(Kindle)
File size: 2.11 MB
Number of pages: 82
Download / View Link(s): Download

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