Type Classification

Type Classification

Free eBook: “Type Classification” by Jacob Cass. This book has been made to help you learn the 10 broad classifications of type. These are the basic foundations of what you need to learn to learn typography and it is essential for any designer to know how to classify type.


This book goes through the 10 type classifications with a brief history as well as the key characteristics of each. This book has been made to come back to for easy referencing and it looks great printed as well. Below is a brief description of what is inside the book and how it is layed out which will help you get more out of the book.

Table of Contents

1. On the next page there are all 10 type classifications on one page. (ie. Humanist, Garalde, Didone, Transitional, Lineal, Mechanistic, Blackletter, Decorative, Script and Manual.) These are the types classifications we will be discussing.
2. On the next two pages are layout guides to help you get familar with the layout of the book.
3. The next page then continues to give a description of each type classification (ie. the 10 mentioned above). It will also provide the history and characteristics of each type classification and appropriate font examples on the same page as seen in the LAYOUT GUIDE.
4. The next page then provides a full type specimen sheet (an example) of a font from that type classification as explained in the FONT SPECIMEN guide.
5. The book continues like that until all 10 type classifications have been described and an example given for each.
6.The last 4 pages of the book explain what a “font flag” is and gives an example and also what a “font specimen sheet” it and an example.

Book Details

Author(s): Jacob Cass
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.83 MB
Number of pages: 29
Link: Download.

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