Trust in Cyberspace

Trust in Cyberspace

In this book, industry and academic experts provide a detailed assessment of the current state of the art for building trustworthy networked information systems. They propose new directions for research in computer and network security, software technology, and system architecture.


Whether or not you use a computer, you probably use a telephone, electricity, and a bank. Although you may not be aware of their presence, networked computer systems are an integral part of daily life. Yet if such systems perform poorly or don’t work at all, they can put life, liberty, and property at risk. Is the trust we place in networked computer systems justified? And if it isn’t, what can we do to make such systems more secure?

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Public Telephone Network and Internet Trustworthiness
  • Software for Networked Information Systems
  • Reinventing Security
  • Trustworthy Systems from Untrustworthy Components
  • The Economic and Public Policy Context
  • Conclusions and Research Recommendations

Book Details

Author(s): Fred B. Schneider
Format(s): PDF, HTML
File size: 1.20 MB
Number of pages: 352
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