Thinking Web: Voices of the Community

Thinking Web: Voices of the Community

“Thinking Web: Voices of the Community” is a collaborative book by the SitePoint Community. In this book, 11 members from SitePoint Forums share their knowledge on topics related to web design and development. It’s available for free in pdf format.


In every SitePoint book’s preface, we have a section called “The SitePoint Forums.” It describes the forums as a place where you can ask questions on anything related to web design, development, hosting, and online marketing. It goes on to describe how the forums work: “some people ask, some people answer, and most people do a bit of both.” I love that line. But what resonates the most for me is the part that says “sharing your knowledge benefits others and strengthens the community.” Obviously, I have a greater investment in the strength of our community than most, but what I like about this description is that it makes it about everyone; combined strength. And that’s what this book is all about.

Table of Contents

  • Anatomy of a Website
  • Designing in the Dark
  • Everything Must Go!
  • Going Freelance
  • Successful PSD to HTML Freelancing
  • Write Email Markup That Doesn’t Explode in the Inbox
  • Make Your Website Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Information Organization and the Web
  • Using Vector Graphics to Build a Noughts & Crosses Game
  • Efficient ActionScript
  • Databases: The Basic Concepts
  • The Iceberg of TCP/IP

Book Details

Author(s): John Borda, Ursula Comeau, Sherry Curry, Alex Dawson, Coyote Holmberg, Ralph Mason, Paul O’Brien, Christian Snodgrass, Robert Wellock, Clive Wickham and Nuria Zuazo.
Publisher: SitePoint Pty. Ltd.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 3.19 MB
Number of pages: 228
Link: Download.

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