Thinking in Java, 4th edition

Thinking in Java, 4th edition

Thinking in Java is a printed version of Bruce Eckel’s online materials that provides a useful perspective on mastering Java for those with previous programming experience. The author’s take on the essence of Java as a new programming language and the thorough introduction to Java’s features make this a worthwhile tutorial.


The most prominent feature of the book is its diligent and extremely thorough treatment of the Java language, with special attention to object design. (For instance, 10 pages of sample code show all of the available operators.) Some of the best thinking about objects is in this book, including when to use composition over inheritance. The esoteric details of Java in regard to defining classes are thoroughly laid out. (The material on interfaces, inner classes, and designing for reuse will please any expert.) Each section also has sample exercises that let you try out and expand your Java knowledge.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Objects
  • Everything Is an Object
  • Operators
  • Controlling Execution
  • Initialization & Cleanup
  • Access Control

Book Details

Author(s): Bruce Eckel
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.00 MB
Number of pages: 211
Link: Download.

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