Theory and Novel Applications of Machine Learning

Theory and Novel Applications of Machine Learning

Free eBook “Theory and Novel Applications of Machine Learning”, edited by Meng Joo Er and Yi Zhou, from InTech.


In an educational front, learning support for handicapped students is important. For these students, several types of support systems and devices have been studied. Among others, for the student suffering from paralysis of a body, drawing on a computer is widely used as occupational therapy. The drawing on a computer usually employs the control devices such as a track ball, a mouse controller, and so on. However, some handicapped students have difficulty in operating these control devices.

Table of Contents

  • A Drawing-Aid System using Supervised Learning
  • Supervised Learning with Hybrid Global Optimisation Methods. Case Study: Automated Recognition and Classification of Cork Tiles
  • Supervised Rule Learning and Reinforcement Learning in A Multi-Agent System for the Fish Banks Game
  • Clustering, Classification and Explanatory Rules from Harmonic Monitoring Data
  • Discriminative Cluster Analysis
  • Influence Value Q-Learning: A Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Multi Agent Systems
  • Reinforcement Learning in Generating Fuzzy Systems
  • Incremental-Topological-Preserving-Map-Based Fuzzy Q-Learning (ITPM-FQL)
  • A Q-learning with Selective Generalization Capability and its Application to Layout Planning of Chemical Plants
  • A FAST-Based Q-Learning Algorithm
  • Constrained Reinforcement Learning from Intrinsic and Extrinsic Rewards
  • TempUnit: A Bio-Inspired Spiking Neural Network
  • Proposal and Evaluation of the Improved Penalty Avoiding Rational Policy Making Algorithm
  • A Generic Framework for Soft Subspace Pattern Recognition
  • Data Mining Applications in Higher Education and Academic Intelligence Management
  • Solving POMDPs with Automatic Discovery of Subgoals
  • Anomaly-based Fault Detection with Interaction Analysis Using State Interface
  • Machine Learning Approaches for Music Information Retrieval
  • LS-Draughts: Using Databases to Treat Endgame Loops in a Hybrid Evolutionary Learning System
  • Blur Identification for Content Aware Processing in Images
  • An Adaptive Markov Game Model for Cyber Threat Intent Inference
  • Life-long Learning Through Task Rehearsal and Selective Knowledge Transfer
  • Machine Learning for Video Repeat Mining

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Author(s): Meng Joo Er and Yi Zhou
Publisher: InTech
Format(s): PDF, HTML
File size: 23.96 MB
Number of pages: 376
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