The World Wide Web – Beneath the Surf

The World Wide Web - Beneath the Surf

This book is is about how the World Wide Web works. This book is aimed at information users and providers who wish to have a better idea about what is going on under the bonnet.

The World Wide Web WWW is a global information system which is set to revolutionize the world of information search, retrieval and browsing via the Internet. This book serves as an authoritative introduction to concepts and design required to use the WWW. The book is intended for systems operators and managers, IT managers, computer science undergraduates, and general Internet users.


  • The Information Highstreet – Introduction
  • Information – Are You Being Served?
  • The World Wide Web
  • Client Programs
  • Serving Information to the Web
  • Academic Examples of WWW Servers
  • Commercial Web Servers
  • Servers Galore
  • Problems with WWW
  • Where its Heading?
  • HTML Grammar
  • Uniform Resource Locators: URLs
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  • MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)

Book Details

Author(s): Mark Handley and Jon Crowcroft
Publisher: CRC Press
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 198
Link: Read online.

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