The Scala Language Specification

The Scala Language Specification

Free eBook “The Scala Language Specification”. This is the most technical and detailed manual concerning the inner working of the Scala language. If you have any doubts concerning the behavior of a program written in Scala, if you wish to explore all of the most obscure features, or are interested in the expected semantics of the available constructs, this document will address your questions.


Scala is a Java-like programming language which unifies object-oriented and functional programming. It is a pure object-oriented language in the sense that every value is an object. Types and behavior of objects are described by classes. Classes can be composed using mixin composition. Scala is designed to work seamlessly with two less pure but mainstream object-oriented languages – Java and C#.

Scala is a functional language in the sense that every function is a value. Nesting of function definitions and higher-order functions are naturally supported. Scala also supports a general notion of pattern matching which canmodel the algebraic types used in many functional languages.

Table of Contents

  • Lexical Syntax
  • Identifiers, Names and Scopes
  • Types
  • Basic Declarations and Definitions
  • Classes and Objects
  • Expressions
  • Implicit Parameters and Views
  • Pattern Matching
  • Top-Level Definitions
  • XML expressions and patterns
  • The Scala Standard Library

Book Details

Author(s): Martin Odersky
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.25 MB
Number of pages: 191
Link: Download.

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