The Psychology of Cyberspace

This free online book explores the psychological aspects of environments created by computers and online networks. It presents an evolving conceptual framework for understanding how people react to and behave within cyberspace.


The psychological study of cyberspace is as broad as the field of psychology itself. Anyone who has taken an introductory psychology course knows how vast that terrain is. Cognitive psychology, personality theory, social psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology – all are relevant. It’s never easy slicing up a complex topic into categories. Inevitably, the categories overlap and intertwine.

Table of Contents

  • The Basic Psychological Qualities of Cyberspace
  • The Psychology of the Individual in Cyberspace
  • The Psychology of Cyberspace Relationships
  • Group Dynamics in Cyberspace
  • Research Methods in Cyberpsychology
  • Life at the Palace
  • Psychotherapy and Clinical Work in Cyberspace

Book Details

Author(s): John Suler, Ph.D.
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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