The Power of Prolog

The Power of Prolog

The Power of Prolog is an introduction to modern Prolog. The goal of this book is to bridge the gap between the great traditional Prolog textbooks of the past and the language as it currently is, several decades after these books were written. You will see that many limitations of the past are no longer relevant, while several new constructs are now of great importance even though they are not yet covered in any available Prolog book.

Topics included: Introduction • Facets of Prolog • Basic Concepts • Data Structures • Reading Prolog Programs • Writing Prolog Programs • Termination • Nontermination • Integer Arithmetic • Higher-order Predicates • Logical Purity • Declarative Testing • Declarative Debugging • Global Variables • Thinking in States • Definite Clause Grammars • Meta-interpreters • Macros • Combinatorial Optimization • Expert Systems • Web Applications • Business Cases • Theorem Proving • Logic Puzzles • Efficiency • Memoization • Horror Stories • Fun Facts • The Future.

Book Details

Author(s): Markus Triska
Publisher: –
Published: 2005-2017
Format(s): HTML(Online)
File size: –
Number of pages: –
Download / View Link(s): Online

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