The Operating Systems Handbook

The Operating Systems Handbook

This free pdf book shows you the following, for UNIX, VMS, OS/400, VM/CMS, and MVS operating systems: History of the operating system, Starting and ending a session, Filenames, How files are organized, and how to navigate, Available on-line help, Creating, copying, naming, and deleting files, Using the text editor, Printing text files, Creating and running command files, Sending and receiving mail, A sample session.

New computer science student? You’ll probably need to learn UNIX in a hurry.

Graduating student? Take a look at those want ads. Big money employers have big metal rigs. If they’re looking for UNIX programmers, the UNIX programmer who is comfortable with their big rigs will have a big advantage over some kid who only knows UNIX, Windows, and the Mac.

Think some of these operating systems are dinosaurs? Well, if you’re right, who’s going to port the applications away from them? People who know how to log on and get at and manipulate the files making up those applications, that’s who. And then there are the shops repositioning their big rigs to be database servers–there’s a lot of client/server work for people who can deal with clients and servers!


  • Introduction
  • UNIX: An Introduction
  • Getting Started with UNIX
  • Using Files in UNIX
  • The UNIX vi Text Editor
  • Using a UNIX System
  • OpenVMS: An Introduction
  • Getting Started with OpenVMS
  • Using Files in OpenVMS
  • The OpenVMS EVE Text Editor
  • Using an OpenVMS System
  • OS/400: An Introduction
  • Getting Started with OS/400
  • Using Files in OS/400
  • The OS/400 SEU Text Editor
  • Using an OS/400 System
  • VM/CMS: An Introduction
  • Using Files in VM/CMS
  • The VM/CMS XEDIT Text Editor
  • Using a VM/CMS System
  • MVS: An Introduction
  • Getting Started with MVS
  • Using Files in MVS
  • The MVS ISPF Text Editor
  • Using an MVS System

Book Details

Author(s): Bob DuCharme
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
Format(s): PDF
Link: Download.

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