The Little Redis Book

The Little Redis Book

“The Little Redis Book” is a free ebook by Karl Seguin on Redis which is an open-source, networked, in-memory, key-value data store with optional durability.


In a lot of ways, Redis represents a simplification in the way we deal with data. It peels away much of the complexity and abstraction available in other systems. In many cases this makes Redis the wrong choice. In others it can feel like Redis was custom-built for your data.

The goal of this book is to build the foundation you’ll need to master Redis. We’ll focus on learning Redis’ five data structures and look at various data modeling approaches. We’ll also touch on some key administrative details and debugging techniques.

Table of Contents

  • The Basics
  • The Data Structures
  • Leveraging Data Structures
  • Beyond The Data Structures
  • Administration

Book Details

Author(s): Karl Seguin
Format(s): PDF, ePub
File size: 172 KB
Number of pages: 28
Link: Download.

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