The Java Language Specification Third Edition

The Java Language Specification Third Edition

“The Java Language Specification, Third Edition”, written by the inventors of the technology, The Java Language Specification, Third Edition is the definitive technical reference for the Java programming language. If you want to know the precise meaning of the language’s constructs, this is the source for you.


The book provides complete, accurate, and detailed coverage of the Java programming language. It provides full coverage of all new features added in since the previous edition including generics, annotations, asserts, autoboxing, enums, for each loops, variable arity methods and static import clauses.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Grammars
  • Lexical Structure
  • Types, Values, and Variables
  • Conversions and Promotions
  • Names
  • Packages
  • Classes
  • Interfaces
  • Arrays
  • Exceptions
  • Execution
  • Binary Compatibility
  • Blocks and Statements
  • Expressions
  • Definite Assignment
  • Threads and Locks
  • Syntax

Book Details

Author(s): James Gosling, Bill Joy, Guy L. Steele Jr. and Gilad Bracha.
Format(s): PDF, HTML
File size: 7.75 MB
Number of pages: 688
Link: Download or read online.

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