The Internet Companion

The Internet Companion

The Internet Companion has been a leading beginner’s title since its original publication date in 1992. It has succeeded because it is nontechnical, easy-to-understand, and enlivened by anecdotes, while containing all the solid information one needs to know to begin an Internet journey.


The Internet Companion was the first computer trade book to introduce the world to the wonders of the Internet. When it made its debut in 1992, it immediately became a best-seller. Even though today there are other sources of information about the Internet, including training classes and videotapes, new users still look to the Companion for guidance and help in getting to know and use this “network of networks.”

Table of Contents

  • What Is the Internet and Why Should You Know About It?
  • Internet: The Lowdown
  • Communicating with People
  • Finding Information
  • Internet in-the-Know Guide
  • Unix on the Internet: A Survival Guide
  • Getting Connected

Book Details

Author(s): Tracy LaQuey
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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