The Electromagnetic Field Theory Exercises

The Electromagnetic Field Theory Exercises

A companion book with exercises (electrodynamics problems with solutions) is available for The Electromagnetic Field Theory Textbook.


This is a companion volume to the book Electromagnetic Field Theory by Bo Thidé. The problems and their solutions were created by the co-authors who all have taught this course or its predecessor.

Table of Contents

  • Maxwell’s Equations
  • Electromagnetic Potentials and Waves
  • Relativistic Electrodynamics
  • Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Electrodynamics
  • Electromagnetic Energy, Momentum and Stress
  • Radiation from Extended Sources
  • Multipole Radiation
  • Radiation from Moving Point Charges
  • Radiation from Accelerated Particles

Book Details

Author(s): Bo Thidé
Format(s): PDF, DVI
File size: 460.05 KB
Number of pages: 94
Link: Download.

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