The Art of SQL Server Filestream

The Art of SQL Server Filestream

“The Art of SQL Server Filestream: A Quick Start Guide for developers and administrators”, by Jacob Sebastian and Sven Aelterman, is available to download in pdf format. It is for SQL Server developers who have to deal with more than relational data.


This book will help SQL Server developers to get started with FILESTREAM-enabled databases, and it provides a very detailed coverage on accessing FILESTREAM data through the .NET and Win32 APIs. We have provided a reasonable number of examples, sample code, and labs that demonstrate how to access FILESTREAM data from C#.NET, VB.NET and C++. In addition, there are several labs demonstrating FILESTREAM access from common application platforms/tools such as ASP.NET, Silverlight, SSIS, SSRS (SQLServer Reporting Services), Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL and so on.

Table of Contents

  • Storing and Managing Unstructured Data
  • Getting Started with FILESTREAM
  • Accessing FILESTREAM Data from Client Applications
  • FILESTREAM with Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL
  • FILESTREAM with ASP.NET and Silverlight
  • FILESTREAM Database Administration
  • Backup and Restore for FILESTREAM Databases
  • Investigating FILESTREAM Databases
  • Integrating FILESTREAM with other SQL Server Features
  • FileTable
  • Planning, Configuration and Best Practices

Book Details

Author(s): Jacob Sebastian and Sven Aelterman
Publisher: Simple Talk Publishing
Format(s): PDF
File size: 8.09 MB
Number of pages: 497
Link: Download.

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